Mobile website design

  • Do you have a mobile website for your business?

    It might be about time you did as a well-designed optimised mobile site will deliver an attractive legible experience to your users. Your mobile site will be automatically detected by smart phone devices and load up faster than your existing website. A mobile site is an ideal way to maximize visibility for your business or organisation. A condensed version of your main site can work well delivering key information and communicating your message or product to your audience. The trend for mobile friendly websites is growing rapidly and as your business evolves so does your need to be seen across all mediums.

  • Comparisons and the good stuff!

    It might be worth opening your website on a mobile phone to see how it looks compared to a desktop or laptop computer and see the difference. Your existing website just doesn’t fit or give the usability that you expect, this can be seen across all popular mobile devices such as Iphones, Androids, Blackberrys etc. The benefits of having a correctly designed mobile version of your website are: Easy to navigate interfaces with key info – Accessible on multiple mobile browsers – Built and developed on the latest technology platforms – Faster loading times- CMS control for content management.



  • Ecomore: Household products

    Responsive ecommerce website that re-sizes the main website for maximum exposure and product visibility. Purchases can still be made via the site on mobile devices. The site is built on a WordPress framework which allows content management and updates of products and other information the site presents.

  • Grab: Fast Thai food restaurant

    Grab: a vibrant “fast Thai food” restaurant and take away based in London required a mobile compatible site as there target market are referring breakfast and lunch-timers on the move and also online. To help the referral trade of Grab through its target market a mobile version of grab just made sense.

  • Plume: Copy writing services

    Plume’s website is driven by a WordPress CMS and is responsive to mobile devices. It re-sizes the main site to fit perfectly. While titles and fonts are easy to read the portrait navigation make the site easy to view on a vertical format found on the most popular mobile devices.

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