• Keep your audience informed and in your loop

    If you want to be heard by the masses then you have to communicate to the masses. By sending out a great looking e-newsletter you can engage the attentions of your audience and make sure your important message gets through to your subscribers. Product updates, promotions, business events/info or even just to connect.
  • Email marketing works for the following reasons...

    • It allows targeted marketing
    • It is data driven
    • It drives direct sales
    • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust
    • It supports sales through other channels
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Brand awareness

  • What's it all about?

    e-marketing is a way of conveying your brand, message and products through electronic communication in this case e-newsletters and targeted marketing. The way we approach an e-marketing campaign varies depending on what your business is and what your marketing objectives are. This would usually be obtained by having a consultation with us to decide which way is the best way to present your campaign to your audience. We then take your brand, product and message into a beautifully designed HTML page suitable for emailing to your existing client base several times per month.
  • What can it do for you?

    E-marketing creates brand awareness and generates new business for your organisation. The good thing about this kind of marketing is that it can be tracked by a dynamic system that not only manages a campaign but gives you comprehensive feedback. Performance monitoring means we can see which viewers opened, clicked through to your website, passed on to a friend and even which country or town their from. This enables us to create targeted campaigns that reach the audience we want to get our message across effectively.
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