• Make the most of your media space

    Is your brand in need of some big exposure? Do your campaign need serious visibility then this could be done with creative billboard advertising. Does it cost the earth? This greatly depends on the campaigns objectives and the strategy used to position it. Billboard advertising is everywhere, but how much of it works? In our minds the adverts that catch our eye and stay in our minds are the ones that are clever,

  • Striking, shocking, creativity with emotion

    Funny or outrageously profound. Benetton clothes have the right idea despite individual taste it’s advertising that’s works! If a billboard advertising campaign is to work well it needs concept, design, quality delivery and strategic positioning to capture the mind of pedestrians, drivers and commuters in everyday passing. The advertising campaigns that work are the ones you remember.

Brand awareness

  • Effective billboard design

    Here at Mediacake we love big bold advertising, we relish the opportunity to create memorable thought provoking visuals that work for you and your brand. If you have or need and advertising campaign for your media space that needs some serious attention by creative thinkers and designers then drop us a line, we can also help with printing and delivery of large format printing.

  • Your advertising objectives

    Billboard advertising could be an option that works as part of an offline campaign and along with online marketing such as e-newsletters and viral marketing within social media you could see your campaign explode… we could call this aggressive or effective marketing that could be possible depending on budgets and objectives to be achieved.

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