Mediacake has worked out of Thailand for over ten years and if there’s one thing we that made us nervous was dealing with print logistics, reliability and of course pricing.

As Mediacake founder is from the UK, it’s was always a bitter pill to swallow knowing accessibility to cost effective print solutions were already in existence in www.vistaprint.co.uk and www.pixartprinting.co.uk and not here in Thailand. We knew this type of service had to happen sooner or later.

Our experience of getting so much as name cards printed was often a painful process in terms of turnaround time and pricing not to mention communications and of course attention to detail.

Bangkok is fast becoming a high priced environment for quality media solutions and that means the quality of all media and marketing materials benchmark is higher and must be made accessible to us all.

When we discovered Gogoprint print, we got excited for several reasons, the main being accessibility and a lot of the long winded communications removed by an intelligent user interface in their website.

The custom options and next to the price list really put a smile on our faces.

Gogoprint user interface and steps

We decided to challenge Gogoprint’s business cards with our name card requirements and were impressed with the commitment to deliver the cards just the way we wanted them.

As a web design, development and branding company we are now committed to https://www.gogoprint.co.th for all of our print needs. We highly recommend switching to them in order to enjoy better bottom lines on bulk print requirements.

For sure this is a solution that Bangkok and Thailand based business owners have been looking for and we wish them the very best in this space.