Simplifying property renting

Our mission is to make renting a property as easy as booking a hotel, holiday or car on-line. Instead of having to visit a high street Estate Agent, you can submit your property application online at your own time and convenience. You can even make a rental application whilst at your property viewing!

A professional service

As a fully industry accredited and licensed Lettings Agency you can rest assure that your stay with us is in safe hands. We operate to the highest industry standards and practices and all our staff are professionally trained in lettings. We are members of the following trade associations below.

The only documents we require are:

Photo Identification - A passport, driving license or national identity card

Proof of Income - Proof of income with your current address so either bank statements or salary slips

(If you are a student we will require the same documents for both you and your guarantor.)

We are accredited by the following bodies...
Accredited by...
Obtaining references

Once we have recieved your application form we will contact your references, which is usually either a previous Landlord or Estate Agent. In cases where you don't have a previous Landlord or Estate Agent we will ask for an Employment reference. For students, we can also accept a personal reference or acceptance letter from your Univsersity. Any delays with processing your application is usually down to how fast your references take to respond to our enquiries. We will simply be asking them to confirm the details of your previous tenancy or your occupation.

Credit references

We also carry out industry standard affordability checks, meaning that the combined gross salary of everyone that will be living at the property, should be 2.5 times more than the rent. For example, if the rent is £1,000 per month, the total household income should be £2,500 per month. For UK based citizens we also carry out a standard credit check for any adverse credit history. For foreign nationals with no UK credit history, we will require both higher deposits and usually 3-12 months rent payments in advance depending on the nature of your occupation.

Tenancy agreement and invoice

Once your application has been referenced we will notify you. If your application is accepted we will e-mail you an on-line Tenancy Agreement which sets out the agreed rent and terms of the tenancy. If you are then happy to proceed you can simply E-Sign the Tenancy Agreement, after which we will issue you an invoice for the rent, deposit and fees.

Our fees

In accordance with consumer protection regulations and our terms of membership with The Property Ombudsman we have clearly set out our low-cost letting fees below. Our Tenants can be assured there are no further additional hidden charges. To be clear, these are fees we charge for our letting service. It does not include other costs which relate may occur at the property, such as accidental damages or repairs for which you may be liable. All fees are quoted inclusive of VAT.

Property application fee per tenant

Deposit registration fee per tenancy agreement

Inventory check-out fee

Submit an application form and get the ball rolling.

PTo rent one of our properties, simply fill in the form below. Full terms, conditions and fees are stated on the form. Attach scanned copies or photos of documents requested on form. All applications are subject to credit check and agreement by landlord.

Please Contact Us or call (+44 (0) 207 993 1398) if any questions.